Welcome to 5th Grade!

The 5th grade team is excited for a new year with your children and is looking forward to working with you to prepare them for Middle School!


The 5th Grade Team

Ms. Felicia Acevedo, Reading
Ms. Nicole Michel, Math
Mrs. Meghan Pazmino, Math
Ms. Princess Warren, Reading
Ms. Susan Bowers, Intervention
Ms. Tory Rowe, Special Educator

Reading Overview

Math Overview
The major work of 5th grade math is multi-digit computation, especially multiplication and division, and fractions and decimals. We follow the DCPS Eureka Math curriculum, which breaks the year into 6 modules:
Module 1: Place Value
Module 2: Multiplication and Division
Module 3: Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Module 4: Multiplication and Division of Fractions
Module 5: Volume and Geometry
Module 6: Coordinate Plane

Homework Help

Blended Learning
We use several programs in class that students can also access at home. We encourage students to use these programs at home if they are able.
ST Math
Typing Agent

Field Trips and Events
We are excited to partner with Live It, Learn It for two field trips this year, to Ford’s Theater and the Kreeger Museum. In addition, we often visit the museums on the National Mall. This year we also hope to bring students on a “big” trip to Gettysburg, PA. Finally, the highlight of the year for many is the annual overnight trip to Camp Fraser, in Great Falls, VA. This trip is usually in May.